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12/30: Requests are currently closed at the moment. If you sent me a request before this update I've taken it. If I've asked you for more details don't worry, I've still noted it down.

No, I'm not dead! Actually, I've been wanting to write again for a while. I know that I've got a few unfinished stories laying around, but I want to refresh my mind and take on some new writing challenges.

So I'm currently taking requests! One request per person, and I close the requests after I receive five. Just send them to me either by note or by comment on this journal.

Several rules:

1. I'll write slob, WG, expansion, yuri, inflation, the usual subjects. If you want I'll even write something not related to those, as long as it's I'm comfortable with it.
2. Please keep the request short, I'm looking to write something between 500 - 1000 words, no large, heavily detailed requests please.
3. No OCs at the moment please. It just takes me longer than usual to write about those types of characters.
4. No male/male stories, though I can include male characters in the story.


Red Circles
United States
Fan of video game girl fetish work. Wrote on interactives at Writing, moved here to write longer stories. [Requests are on hold right now]

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Thank you very much for the favorite and the watch. Glad you enjoyed the story. :)
Welcome! Really liked the expansion story.
First time I've done one with the ladies of Street Fighter. Was fun, so it probably won't be the last.
hey you can make a requenst form yuri street fighter girls fanfiction sakura x ibuki plz
CreatureGuy Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas, random stranger!
Thanks for the faves.
Welcome, keep up the good work!
Thank you for the favs and watching!
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